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ACTEC Law Journal V46 N1 (Fall 2020 - PDF)
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Elder Law: Introduction by Alyssa A. DiRusso

A Safe Harbor in the Medicaid Adventure: Lady Bird and Transfer on Death Deeds by Gerry W. Beyer

Trusts in Guardianship: Using “family Freeze” Agreements to Resolve Disputes by Gerard G. Brew

Changing Demographics, Elder Law, and Trusts and Estates by Naomi Cahn

Serving the Greater Good: Ethical Considerations in Representation of the Older Population by Jeffrey L. Carson & Brook H. Lester

Rethinking the Estate Planning Curriculum by Jeffrey A. Cooper

Covid-19 and Its Impact on America’s Retirement System by David English

Decanting Snts: Preserving Ssi Eligibility by Avoiding Early Termination Policy by Amy J. Fanzlaw

Appropriate Housing for Older Clients by Lawrence A. Frolik

Et Tu Counselor? Fiduciary’s Attorneys’ Ethical Duty to the Vulnerable by Richard J. Goralewicz

Going the Distance: How Increased Client Contact Can Benefit Clients and Their Attorneys by Ashleigh Gough

Medical and Legal Implications of Impaired Financial Capacity in Aging and Dementia by Edmund W. Granski, Jr. & Milap A. Nowrangi

Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits After the Secure Act by Richard L. Kaplan

Drafting Under the Upoaa: Safeguarding Against Elder Financial Exploitation Without Compromising Autonomy by Jessica A. Liebau

Safeguarding a Will: Will Deposit Statutes by Alberto B. Lopez

Little Red Riding Hood or the Wolf: How Far Can an Agent Reach Into Grandmother’s Pocketbook? by Erica E. Lord

Medicaid Estate Recovery: Friend or Foe? by Lisa M. Neeley

The Growth and Business of Elder Law by Brian Andrew Tully

Substituted Judgment - How Do You Prove What an Incapacitated Person Would Want? by Eric Virgil