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ACTEC Law Journal V45 N1 (Fall 2019 - PDF)
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Foreword: Twenty Years of the Uniform Trust Code by Jeffrey A. Cooper

Just Say No: Reasons States Have Not Adopted the UTC by Robert Barton

Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Uniform Trust Code — Colorado’s Approach  by Darla L. Daniel

The Prudent Investor Rule Past, Present and Future: a View From Illinois by Jane G. Ditelberg

Who is a Qualified Beneficiary? by John P. Edgar

The Dark Side of Codification by Thomas P. Gallanis

The Need for a New Type of Purpose Trust, the Stewardship Trust by Susan N. Gary

Trustee Liability for Breach of Trust—loss or Profit, or Loss and Profit? by Kenneth F. Joyce

Utc’s Duty to Inform and Report at 20 – How Mandatory is Transparency? by Mel M. Justak and Anne-marie Rhodes

A Powerful Tool: Modification or Termination of a Noncharitable Irrevocable Trust by Consent Under Section 411(a) of the Uniform Trust Code by Maureen L. O’leary

Beyond Utc Section 808 and the Uniform Directed Trust Act by Wayne E. Reames

Purpose Trust Cy Pres by Thomas E. Simmons

Settlor-authorized Fiduciary Indifference to Trust Purposes and the Interests of Beneficiaries by James P. Spica