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The Practical and the Esoterica in the Income Taxation... (2011 Fall Meeting - Seminar IB - MP3)
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The Practical and the Esoterica in the Income Taxation of Decedents, Trusts and Estates, and Related-Party Transactions

Planning and administering the estate inevitably leads to the crossroads with income tax. Rather than duck and run in the opposite direction, estate planners need to know enough to ask the right questions. High on the list of critical issues are pre-death income tax planning, the decedent’s final return, Form 8939 (assuming it has been published), 1041 problems and pitfalls, UPIA and the power to adjust, the trouble with flow-through entities after death, etc. Recognizing some of the income tax pitfalls and remedies will lead to a more successful planning and administrative result.


  • Theodore B. Atlass, Denver, Colorado
  • Mickey R. Davis, Houston, Texas

ACTEC 2011 Fall Meeting
October 13 – 16, 2011
Coronado, CA