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Managing Cyber Risks (2014 Annual Meeting - Seminar B - MP3)
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Seminar B: Managing Cyber Risks: Are You, Your Firm, and Your Clients Cyber-Safe? (CLE Ethics)

“Cyber-attacks” are not science fiction; they are very real. They range from annoyances such as spam e-mail to sophisticated schemes to destroy or steal data, steal money, disrupt business operations, and damage reputations. As attorneys, we face not only risks of our own losses (time, money, reputation, etc.), but also risks of liability if we do not take reasonable steps to protect client information and confidentiality (including posthumously). In this non-technical presentation, the panelists will discuss the latest threats, what the future holds, and what we and our clients should (and should not) be doing to address cyber risk and postmortem issues from the legal, ethical, and practical standpoints.


  • Scott D. Brown, Stroz Friedberg LLC, Boston, MA
  • John T. Rogers, Jr., Los Angeles, CA
  • Suzanne Brown Walsh, West Hartford, CT

ACTEC 2014 Annual Meeting
March 4 – 9, 2014
Tucson, AZ