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Elder Financial Abuse (Ethics) (2018 Annual Meeting - Seminar B - MP3)
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Seminar B: Elder Financial Abuse: The Crime of the 21st Century (Ethics)

As the tradition of the close-knit, multigenerational family vanishes in America, an epidemic of elder financial abuse is sweeping the country. ACTEC Fellows must be leaders in the profession’s efforts to combat this crime. We must approach this responsibility, as we do with all others, with knowledge and insight. Good intentions are not enough and may be counterproductive. Through the use of hypotheticals, the panel will discuss the practical tools that are available and the ethical obligations that arise when we confront elder financial abuse by caregivers, family members, strangers, and professional advisors, as well as the increasing problem of financial abuse through technology. The panel will consider the cutting-edge issues of how such tools and obligations apply when elder clients already have been financially abused and the crucial distinction between an elder’s own “bad judgment” and actual financial abuse by others.

Keith Bradoc Gallant, New Haven, CT

Kristen M. Lewis, Atlanta, GA
Professor Mary F. Radford, Atlanta, GA
Peter S. Stern, Palo Alto, CA

ACTEC 2018 Annual Meeting
March 9, 2017
San Antonio, TX