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Thinking of Naming a Foreign Person as a Fiduciary (2020 Annual Meeting - Seminar B - MP3)
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Seminar B: Thinking of Naming a Foreign Person as a Fiduciary? Think Twice. Beneficiaries Living Abroad? Check Thrice.

Advising Clients Who Want to Name a Foreign Individual as Fiduciary of their Estate Plan or when a Beneficiary Resides Abroad

This session is for Fellows who have wondered if they can name a client’s foreign relative or friend as executor, guardian, trustee, beneficiary or agent. Panelists will discuss practical considerations when clients wish to name a foreign person or resident in their estate planning documents and examine the implications of naming a foreign person as an executor, guardian for minor children or as an agent under a financial Power of Attorney or an Advance Health Care Directive. The seminar will also cover issues and planning considerations when beneficiaries reside abroad and how that may impact a client’s estate plan. Panelists will address pitfalls in drafting, practical advice on when a client should avoid naming a foreign person and tax issues and reporting that can occur if planning is done incorrectly.

Lyat Eyal
Michelle B. Graham
Patrick Francis Harney
Kevin E. Packman

Recorded Friday, March 6, 2020