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Boot Camp on Fiduciary Income Tax (2016 Summer Stand-Alone Meeting - Audio USB - Complete Set)
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The program will provide a detailed analysis of subchapter J.

Day 1 will focus on domestic non-grantor trusts and estates, addressing the computation of income, the purpose and computation of DNI, the separate share rule, the treatment of specific bequests, distributions in kind, charitable distributions, and the termination of nongrantor trusts and estates.

The presentation will include drafting tips and sample language and will also address state income tax issues related to domestic non-grantor trusts and estates.

Day 2 will focus on grantor trusts and section 678 trusts, addressing methods of triggering grantor trust treatment and toggling grantor trust status off and on. The presentation will also include a discussion of the portion rules of section 671 and specialty trusts such as divorce trusts, QSSTs, and ESBTs.

Day 2 will also address estate administration issues including dealing with IRD, section 645 elections, and the preparation of the Form 1041 for ordinary trusts and grantor type trusts.

George L. Cushing, Woburn, MA
Gregory V. Gadarian, Tucson, AZ
David A. Handler, Chicago, IL
Richard W. Nenno, Wilmington, DE
Prof. Jeffrey N. Pennell, Atlanta, GA
Melissa J. Willms, Houston, TX

ACTEC 2016 Summer Stand Alone
June 15 - 16, 2016
Boston, MA