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Charitable Tricks and Traps for the Estate Planner (2013 Summer Meeting - Seminar I - MP3)
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Session I: Charitable Tricks and Traps for the Estate Planner

This program will address issues in the administration of estates with charitable beneficiaries, including 642(c) charitable deduction and set aside traps, income and estate tax allocation issues, and why charities need to monitor administration of estates of which they are beneficiaries; interesting issues in connection with charitable gifts of tangible personal property; charitable planning in a time of extremely low-interest rates, including creative uses of charitable-lead trusts; and some miscellaneous charitable planning observations.


  • Stephanie B. Casteel, Atlanta, GA
  • Lawrence P. Katzenstein, St. Louis, MO

ACTEC 2013 Summer Meeting
June 22, 2013
Philadelphia, PA