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How to Practice Law And Make it Home for Dinner (2013 Annual Meeting - Seminar A - MP3)
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Seminar A: How to Practice Law And Make it to your Child’s Soccer Game, Make it Home in Time for Dinner, Make it to a Ripe Old Age, Make Your Clients Happy, Be Happy Yourself (CLE Ethics)

Do you want to save four weeks of time each year by updating the management of your practice? Panelists will give concrete strategies of how to create time by implementing certain techniques, focusing on techniques for taking new clients, managing the practice efficiently and competently, managing that monster email, and intelligently putting on waivers those clients who make practicing unpleasant. The discussion will include the applicable Model Rules of Professional Conduct.


  • Louis S. Harrison, Chicago, IL
  • Nancy C. Hughes, Birmingham, AL

ACTEC 2013 Annual Meeting
March 5 – 10, 2013
Maui, HI