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Why Superman and Copyright Matter to You (2011 Annual Meeting - Seminar A - MP3)
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Seminar A: Why Superman and Copyright Matter to You

During the Great Depression, Superman’s creators sold their copyright for $130. Recently, their heirs were able to recapture the Superman copyright — and the millions that go with it — under the Copyright Act’s reversion provisions. Their case is not unique. In the coming years, copyright reversion will become increasingly prevalent and important, and of particular interest to trusts and estates lawyers. In this program you will hear from expert copyright and intellectual property lawyers Peter R. Afrasiabi and Alan S. Watenmaker. They will discuss: Why trusts and estates lawyers need to know copyright law fundamentals before crafting estate plans; Why copyright reversion can generate a massive transfer of wealth to your client; Why trusts and estates lawyers are on the front lines of copyright reversion; Why copyright reversion will explode in importance over the coming few years.


  • Peter R. Afrasiabi, Los Angeles, CA
  • Alan S. Watenmaker, Los Angeles, CA

ACTEC 2011 Annual Meeting
March 8 – 13, 2011
Phoenix, AZ