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Avoiding the IRS on your Valuation Journey (2015 Annual Meeting - Seminar A - MP3)
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Seminar A: Avoiding the IRS on your Valuation Journey: The Art of Crafting Defensible Appraisals

This session will provide guidance to estate planning attorneys in reading and commenting on valuation reports, with a focus on assisting readers in refining appraisals to ensure that gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax returns are prepared in a manner that is most defensible in audit and in court, if need be.

Topics addressed will include:

  • The role of advisors in reviewing appraisal reports in detail
  • The backbone of appraisals
  • The type and extent of review of the appraiser’s analysis and conclusions


  • Louis S. Harrison, Chicago, IL
  • Stephanie Loomis-Price, Houston, TX

ACTEC 2015 Annual Meeting
March 2015
Marco Island, FL