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Dealing with Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies (2019 Annual Meeting - Seminar A - MP3)
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Seminar A: The Future is Here: Dealing with Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies in Tax and Estate Planning

Did you know there are over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies? If a client asks about hot and cold private key storage, would you think they are referring to their kitchen? Our panelists will explain how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created and how the technology which supports them works and potentially affects the future of many industries. They will also focus on the resulting tax, valuation and other issues, and how to address these technologically advanced assets in wealth management and tax and estate planning.

Suzanne Brown Walsh, Hartford, CT

Benetta P. Jenson, Chicago, IL
Wendy L. Moore, Perkins Coie, Palo Alto, CA

ACTEC 2019 Annual Meeting
March 22, 2019
La Quinta, CA